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Literacy: Poems

Plant poem

Plants are pretty, resourceful and strong, 

When the wind gently blows by them, they dance their own song. 

In Summer the light grows flowers, for all to see, 

Yet sturdy they provide food to all the bees. 

In summertime they grow and stand tall, 

Until it’s time to sleep again, during the cold winter fall. 

Without plants, we would no longer have a wonderful world to live, 

So bless all the plants, and all that they give. 


By Thomas Paine 


Awesome job Thomas!

The Little Seed

Still image for this video
Amazing work Zac!

The Little Seed - written by Zac

Parts Of Plants Poem 


Leaves are part of a plant, 

Leaves are green, 

And grow where they can be seen, 

Leaves grow on trees.


Roots are part of a plant, 

Roots are brown, 

And grow under-ground, 

Where they can’t be found. 


Stems are part of a plant, 

Stems are mainly green, 

And sap water to feed the leaves, 

And am a woody upright trunk not a tree.


- Ollie 

All plants bright and beautiful

Still image for this video
All plants bright and beautiful,
All colours nice and wonderful,
On a bright Summer’s day,
The plants swaying in the wind, in nature’s garden enjoying their day.


Plants - a poem by Amelia T

Science Experiment Planning

Does the type of liquid given to a seed effect plant growth? 


1) Research: What is needed for plants to grow? 

Water, air, light and suitable temperatures are needed for a plant to grow. 


2) Method: How will you carry out the experiment? 

I will carry out the experiment by grabbing three different plant pots, with the same seeds, same light and same temperature, but the liquid is different in every pot. I will use water for one, liquid plant food, and lemonade. 


I will use: 

-Three plant pots. 

-Three jeepers creepers seeds. 


-Liquid plant food. 


-Watering can. 



I will use the same seeds which are Jeepers Creepers seeds. I will use the same to make sure that the experiment is fair when testing the growth using the different liquids. 


The liquids I will use for the experiment will be: 


  • Water approx 50ml 

  • Liquid Plant food approx 50ml 

  • Lemonade approx 50ml 


I will leave the seeds to grow for 1 week. I will check the growth once a day to check that the amount of liquid used will be ok or whether the seeds will need more. 

Every day that I will check, I will use a bar chart to record the growing. I will also use a record I.e. day 1 no growth etc. And I will also use a ruler to measure the amount of growing of each seed. 


3) Predict: I predict that during the experiment, I think liquid plant food is the best liquid to use because it gives the plants the right amount of nutrients/food to help it grow. 


4) Success Criteria: I will need to think about where the seeds will be kept, e.g. in a sunny place to get the right amount of light, I will also need to think about how much liquid will be used so that all the seeds will be given the same amount for the experiment to be fair. I will also need to make sure that the same amount of soil will be used in each pot, and the record of each growth is at the same time every day to keep an accurate result. 


Excellent work Thomas!

Planning an Allotment Science Experiment 

Enquiry title: Does the type of liquid given to a seed effect plant growth? 

  1. Research: I know that for plants to grow they need water, sunlight and nutrients. 

  2. Method: I will need 3 small pots, 3 sunflower seeds, soil, a small shovel, a measuring jug and three different types of liquid.  I will use sunflower seeds because these type of flowers normally grow quite quickly.  I will use 3 different types of liquid to water the seeds.  On seed 1, I will use 50ml of water a day.  On seed 2, I will use 50ml of milk a day.  On seed 3, I will use 50ml of coca-cola a day.  The experiment will take place over two weeks and I will water the seeds every morning.  At the same time every morning, I will record my findings on a chart.  An example of how I will record my findings is below. 





1 (water) 





2 (milk) 





3 (coca-cola) 






3. Predict:  Based on my research, I think seed 1 will grow the most and the quickest as water is important for a plant as it carries the nutrients through the roots and stems.  I don’t think the other two seeds will grow as much because milk has other ingredients and coca-cola has other ingredients and added chemicals.  I know coca-cola is not a very healthy drink for humans and I don’t think it will be good to help a plant grow. 

4. Success criteria:  I will need to make sure the plant pots are placed in the sunlight and they are watered every morning.  I will have to label the pots to make sure I don’t get them mixed up.  I will have to record my results clearly every morning. 


Top work Zac!

Does the type of liquid given to a seed effect plant growth?  

Research: What is needed for plants to grow? 

A plant needs four main conditions for it to grow and survive these are: energy, nutrients, air and water. 

The steps of growing plants are:  

1. Plant the seed in some soil or compost. 

2. Then you will water it.  

3. Then you have to make sure it has enough sunlight. Sunlight is another condition for a plant to grow properly. 


Method: How will you carry out the experiment? 

The equipment I will use will be:  

A watering can.  


Runner bean seeds. 


Liquids – water, coke, milk 

Make sure that there will be good sunlight.  


I will use green runner bean seeds, they will all be the same type of beans.  

I am going to use green runner bean seeds, because I am interested in how they grow, and they will need the same conditions like other plants, also, because I really like to eat green runner beans. 

The liquids I will use will be water, coke and milk.  I will use the same amount of each liquid.  This will be 50ml of liquid every 2-3 days or more if it is very hot. 

I will leave the seeds to grow until they start to germinate and the plant starts to grow.  This should take 1-2 weeks. If the plants start to grow I can then plant them in the garden and wait for the beans to grow on the plant.  When the beans look nice, and scrumptious I will probably eat them as soon as I can get to them. I would probably go to check on them every one or two days to make sure no animals or insects would get to them before I would. 

I will record them growing every two days with camera or video then put it into a stop motion, and call it the growing steps to great green runner beans. 

I will know which liquid has the best effect for growing green runner bean plants by seeing if there is a difference in how the three plants grow.  If there is no difference then all three liquids are as good for the plants.  If one plant grows better then that liquid is the best one to use for growing good green runner bean plants. 

I will measure how good an effect the liquids have for growing green runner beans by seeing how well the different plants grow and if they grow good green runner beans. I will have a record of the growth in my stop motion.   

Predict: Based on your research, What do you think the best liquid is for plant growth? Why?  

I think the best liquid for plant growth is water because it will give lots of the good stuff it needs and plants are just like humans they need the healthy things in life to grow well and survive.  I don’t think the milk or coke will help the plants to grow well because it is not what plants have normally.  Also they might bring lots of insects to the plants which might damage the plant. 


Success Criteria: What will you need to think about for this enquiry to work?  

I will need to think about when to water it, when to go, and check up on it, what liquid it will need, and to make sure it will have the right amount of sunlight. I will need to make sure that all the plants have the same pots, compost, sunlight and amount of liquid and that they are planted at the same time, the only difference should be what liquid I give them. 


Well done Olivia C.

Does the type of liquid given to a seed effect plant growth? 


This experiment will be tested what type of liquid and how much of it is used for a plant to grow. To carry out this enquiry we will plant a type of seed and use a different type of liquid to see what will be best for a plant's growth. 


What we already know. (What is required for a plant to grow?) 

For a plant to grow it will need very important things.  

These things are: 

  • Sunlight 

  • Water 

  • Oxygen  

  • Carbon dioxide 

  • Soil 

  • Space 

  • Nutrients/minerals 

  • Chlorophyll 

Plants need sunlight for them to grow, because sunlight help the plants get food in order to survive. Plants need Water for roots to suck up, as well as nutrients/minerals. This is food for the plant helping in the germination process and photosynthesis. Plants need oxygen to breath. If plants don’t breathe, they will die and not be able to grow. Plants need carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. There is something special in a plant so the carbon dioxide can go in. It is called stomata. Stomata are little holes that hold the carbon dioxide when it enters the plant. When the carbon dioxide, minerals and water combine it creates raw sap.  Plants need soil for the roots to grow that can collect water and minerals. Roots also act like anchors keeping the plant upright, this is also a reason plants need space. Plants need space, otherwise the roots won’t be able to dig deep enough to find water and minerals, and to anchor the plant. If plants don’t have space, then the plant would die quickly. Plants need chlorophyll as well.  Chlorophyll is an ingredient in a plant that makes the plant green. When the sun shines on the chlorophyll, water, carbon dioxide and minerals, the raw sap turns into elaborated sap. The elaborated sap acts as food for the plant making the plant grow. 



Equipment I will use:                               

  • Seeds 

  • Liquid 

  • Soil 

  • Spoon 

  • Pots 

I am going to use cress seeds and rose seeds, because you can eat cress, and I love roses.  The seeds won’t be the same, because a rose is a different plant to cress. 

The liquids I am going to use are Lemonade, water, orange squash, and blackcurrant squash.  I am going to start with 10ml (water) for both plants, 10ml (Lemonade), 10ml (orange), 10ml (blackcurrant), then 30ml (water), 30ml (lemonade), 30ml (orange), 30ml (blackcurrant), then 40ml (water), 40ml (lemonade), 40ml (orange), and finally, 40ml (blackcurrant). 

I am going to check on the plants 3 days apart, measuring them carefully with a ruler every week to see which one has grown the most, I’m going to leave them for 7 weeks.  

I am going to record my results in a table and then make a graph. 


Excellent work Evie

Does the type of liquid given to a seed effect plant growth? 

1) Research: What is needed for plants to grow? 

Water, sunlight, temperature, air, nutrients, carbon dioxide and finally patience because you must wait until the process is done. 

2) Method: How will you carry out the experiment? 

I will gather 3 plant pots of equal size and put in the same amount of compost in each pot, then add the same number of seeds in all 4 to make the experiment fair. I will add water, milk and coke. I will place one of the pots on a windowsill, the 2 remaining pots are put in dark cupboard.  Each day I will top the one with water, one with milk and one with Coke. Then after 3 weeks I will check which one has the tallest shoot. 

What equipment will you use? 

I will use 3 plant pots, 9 seeds, water, milk, coke. 

What type of seeds will you use? Will they be the same? Why? 

I will use sunflower seeds and I will only use the sunflower seeds because it will be more of a fair test by using the same type of flower (Seed). 

What liquids will you use? How much will you use? 

I am going to use coke, water and milk they will all be the same amount. They will be 30ml each. 

How long will you leave the seeds to grow? How often will you check? 

I will check once a day because they need the liquids (water, coke, milk) often and so they might grow more. 

How will you record your results? 

I will put it in a timetable for each week (there will be three weeks) and then I will find out the average and find which one had the tallest shoot. 

3) Predict: Based on your research, what do you think the best liquid is for plant growth? Why? 

I think the water is the best liquid because the coke and the milk won’t sink as much as the water and the coke and milk will attract lots of bugs to the flower. 

4) Success Criteria: What will you need to think about for this enquiry to work? give reasons why.  

I think that I will need the same amount of measurements for the coke, water, milk and equal amount of seeds for a fair test and I think that will make the enquiry to work. 


Awesome job Mehan H!

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