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A lovely picture Frazer!

What a great week Evie-Lily!

What a lovely collage Freya!

A great investigation Freya!

Teddi is hard at work! He has planted seeds with his sister.

In the deep dark earth

was a tiny brown seed.

And the shoot grew up

and the root grew down.

From the big, strong shoot

Came the green, leafy plant.

And the stem came up 

And the leaves came down.


By Teddi.


Great acts of kindness Teddi!

What a wonderful front cover Meghan!

Great natural artwork Carter!

Fantastic work Betti!

Home Page

Play, Learn and Grow Together

Termly Attendance
  • Whole School 91.2
  • Nursery 91.2/86.4
  • Reception 92.9
  • Year 1 89.2
  • Year 2 94
  • Year 3 93.1
  • Year 4 86.3
  • Year 5 92.3
  • Year 6 92.8
House Points
  • Glyndwr 6,449
  • Llewellyn 5,349
  • Caradog 6,392
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