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Check out what some of Year 5 have been up to this week! Keep the videos and pictures coming guys!

Literacy: Recount


My Trip To Bluestone 


On Monday, February 13th, 2020, me and my family went on a trip to a place called Bluestone for my Dad’s Birthday, a week after mine. Oakwood is right outside Bluestone. 

First, we went in our car on the way to our house that we would be staying in we were traveling for 1 hour including food breaks. We forgot what street our house was on, so we got a bit lost. When we finally got there, we looked at the Bluestone map on our wall. Our house was the house right on the edge of Bluestone! The first thing we wanted to in Bluestone was to go to the Blue lagoon, which is a swimming pool, but we didn’t go, because we had to bring in all our food for the kitchen. 

The next day, we woke up and rushed to get our swimming-costumes on, so we could get to the swimming pool quickly. We had hired a golf buggy as part as our Bluestone holiday, so we got it and drove it to the Blue lagoon. We got in the pool and my Dad asked if we wanted to go on the slide. I had never been on a water slide before, so the first and second time I said no, but the third time I gave it a shot, and I loved it! I kept going on, then I went on the Lazy River. It was fun, and then we went on the wave machine. Then we had to go. 

Then on February 15th, my Dad’s Birthday, we gave him his presents and then we went to the pool again. Then we went for a walk. After we got back, we started making dinner. Dad wanted to see the winter lights, so we went to see if they were on, but due to high winds the path was closed. Then on the way home we went on another walk. 

Our last full day in Bluestone, 16th of February, there was less wind, so the lights were on. We went to the Blue lagoon for the last time, and we made the most of it. We even saw Miss Horton! Then Bethan (my sister) went to her booked activity Messy Mayhem. Messy Mayhem is a place where young children go to be free to make as much mess as they possibly can! While Bethan was in Messy Mayhem, me, Dan (my brother), and my Dad, explored the room where our activity was. Then about half an hour after Bethan went into Messy Mayhem, we went to our rock-climbing activity. We all had our activities for an hour, so when we had been climbing for half an hour Bethan finished and went on the bouncy castle. Then we dropped my Mum off at the spa. After Mum came back, we had dinner. Then we went to see the Winter Lights, and we saw Miss Horton AGAIN! Then we went to bed. 

It was the day we were leaving, February 17th, and we started packing to go. When we finished packing, we had time to do one more thing. Dan, Bethan, and Dad went to the Serendome and me and Mum went to the Blue lagoon. Then we had lunch and left. 

I love Bluestone, and I would recommend it to everyone. My favorite part was going to the Blue lagoon. In this trip I learnt that Bluestone is the best place to go if you want a holiday and not to go abroad. 


Awesome work Evie!


When I was 6 years old, my family and I went on a holiday to Lapland for Christmas as a surprise Christmas present for me. 


We first travelled to the airport and stayed overnight in a hotel next to the airport. The following day we checked our bags in the airport and waited for our flight to arrive. When we got onto the airplane, I was surprised to find out that we were flying to Lapland to see Santa. During the journey, I got to have breakfast although plane food wasn’t that nice, I had an activity pack full off puzzles and colouring in to do and we even had a Christmas sing along with the captain on the plane. 


When we arrived in the airport in Lapland, after getting our suitcases we were then greeted by the Christmas Elves ready to take us to our hotel. We were told to look out for our Christmas bus which was called Candy Cane. We got onto our bus and our Christmas Elf who was called Nutcracker told us all some Christmas stories. We then stopped to get our snowsuits from some other elves who knew our sizes without measuring us. After we got all our snow suits and boots, we climbed back on the Candy Cane bus and were taken to our hotel Bear Mountain Lodge. 


We then arrived at our hotel and were taken to our room. Our luggage was brought from our bus to the hotel by a snow mobile as the bus couldn’t bring us all the way up to the hotel. We then went to a welcome meeting where we got to meet more elves who told us all about the exciting trips we could go on and my mum was able to book some trips for our holiday. We then went for dinner in the hotel and I got to have cinnamon buns and hot chocolate before bedtime. 


The day after we got to do fun activities, such as having a ride on the snowplough, a husky ride and a reindeer ride, I even got to take a photo of the reindeers while we were waiting our turn. Later that day we went tobogganing, built a snow man and had lots of snowball fights. I saw lots of squirrels which were very fluffy. 


Next, we went to an elf adventure trip where I got to meet Mrs Claus in her workshop, and I got to make my very own necklace with Rudolph's beads. We had ginger cookies and hot linden berry juice which was lovely as it was really cold. We played games and saw the baby reindeer. 


The following day we played snow games outside before we went on a husky sleigh ride adventure. The man there told us what to do while we were in the sleigh and my mum got to drive the sleigh with the huskies which was funny as it was so dark we couldn’t see where we were going and it was so fast and lots of fun. Afterwards we met the husky puppies who were really cute, and we had more gingerbread cookies and hot Linden berry juice. Next, we went to visit Santa's post office where we got to see all the letters that Santa gets which is a lot. We saw an elf acrobatic show which was really good and got to have another reindeer sleigh ride which was fun as it was so icy that the sleigh kept bumping into the trees as we were going past. We also got to the arctic circle and had certificates to keep. 


Finally, on our last day, we built a snow reindeer outside before having dinner. We had 3 courses and the starter was carrot soup which wasn’t very nice. When we were having dinner, one of the elves told us all to come outside and we all watched fireworks which were very pretty even though it was really cold. When we were watching the fireworks, we saw Santa coming up to the hotel in his reindeer sleigh which was really exciting!! We all got to meet Santa and he gave all the children presents, he was really nice and we all had a photograph taken with him. 


I really enjoyed our holiday to Lapland and loved hearing stories about how the reindeer’s got their names and playing games on our bus. It made me feel very excited for Christmas when we got home and I got to speak with the real Santa which was lovely as he was so nice, and I even got to watch my mummy drive a sleigh of huskies which was really funny and something I will not forget. 


Excellent recount Thomas!


Sophie’s Lapland Recount

 My Football Tour 

In 2019, on the 4th of May. I went to a football tour in Camber Sands in England. With my football club Penlan Juniors. We all stayed in big caravans on the haven site. We went to get experience of playing English teams. There were 6 other teams. And the top 2 would play in a final. We played every team once. We went for 4 days and the tournament lasted 2 days. 


On Friday, we arrived and were shown our caravans then I played football with my teammates in the park. In the evening we had a massive barbecue outside my coaches' caravan. On Saturday once we woke up and had breakfast and got dressed then, we drove to the leisure center where the football was played. Firstly, once everyone eventually arrived, we warmed up. Our first game was against the other Penlan team we drew 1-1. Next, we played against a team in red and white and we won 1-0 Harvey scored the goal. Then, we had a 1- hour break and we all ate our lunch under the gazebo. After that, we played against the yellow and black team and we lost 2-1. Then we drove back to the caravan we changed out of our kits and I went to the swimming pool with my friends and went on the water slides it was great. After tea everybody went to the club house to watch the entertainment and I played in the arcade with my friends and I won loads of tickets and sweets.   


On Sunday, once we woke up and had breakfast and got dressed then, we drove to the leisure center where we played the games. Then, when everyone got there, we did a warmup drill. At 10 o'clock we kicked off our first match against the black and blue team. We won 3-0. After that, we played against a green team and we won 1-0. Then, we had a break and after that we played a blue team and won 3-0. Next, we saw where we are in the table and we were 1st and the team who were 2nd was the red and white team. So, we played against the red and white team. So, at 2 o’clock we kicked off first we passed to me then, to the other defender then he played it to the left winger, and he ran and played it across goal, and we scored. 1-0. Next, I played the ball to the striker and he ran past the defender and scored, 2-0. Our, midfielder played the ball to our right winger he got past two defenders and put the ball top corner, 3-0. Their right winger was running I came across and did a tackle on him. Then, the ref blew his whistle and we won. Champions we won the final score was 3-0. After that, we drove home got changed then we were running around with our nerf guns and we were shooting each other. Next, it was Theo's, Finley's, Dexter’s and Connors birthday. We had a big nerf party and we had cake. Then, we had our presentation we got called up last and we got a big champions league trophy once we got back, we had a big barbecue then we went to sleep. Then, on Monday we got up and had breakfast and got dressed we drove home. 


In conclusion, we went on tour and we won the tournament. I enjoyed the tour. I think my friends (Zac, Ryda and Morgan) would like this with their football club Llangyfelach. 


Excellent work Ollie!



Morgan's Recount

Last year me, Mum, Dad and my brother, Harry, went on holiday to the Maldives, as we had always wanted to go there to do some snorkelling.  


Firstly, Dad drove us all to a hotel near Heathrow airport. It took about 3 hours to get there, and before we parked the car we stopped in a pub for fish and chips. After we parked the car in the hotel car park, we caught a bus to the airport.  


Then, we checked in at the check-in desk and got our tickets, before going for a drink and looking around the shops, as we had to wait 3 hours for the flight. Eventually, it was time to board our plane to Dubai, which was late! 


On the plane we watched movies, played games, ate food and had some drinks. The flight was 6 hours long, but we soon landed in Dubai. However, because our plane was late leaving, we had to run to get our next flight as it was leaving straight away.  


Then I started to feel quite nervous because we could have missed it, but thankfully we didn’t. On the plane we did the same routine, but it was only 4 hours long instead of 6 hours long.  


Eventually, we landed in Male and got a seaplane to our island, called Vilamendhoo. When we landed there was a boat waiting to take us across from the seaplane landing bay. I felt so excited because we had arrived after our marathon journey. Also, I saw a pretty island, clear blue water, white sand, people greeting visitors and palm trees.  


After we arrived on the island, we were greeted by the workers and we had a little mocktail. Next, we were taken to our room, which was next to the sea and had an open-air bathroom. Me and Harry changed straight into our bathers and went straight in the sea.  


The next morning me and Harry snorkelled for the first time in the Maldives, then my mum and dad joined us with the underwater camera. We swam over the reef and around the island. Every day we saw different thinks such as: sharks, rays, manta rays, turtles, and trigger fish. I felt nervous at first but after that I found it quite exciting. 


This is how the holiday continued: we ate, swam, snorkelled, played cards, walked around the island, played tennis, visited some other islands, kayaked and ate some more. It was a very busy holiday, but also very relaxing.  


My favourite parts were when me and dad saw a 6ft sting ray in the day, and me and mum saw a 6ft shark at night. I also enjoyed learning to kayak, although mum and dad did most of the work, and learning about all the different varieties of sea life. 


In conclusion, I enjoyed the seaplane because I have never landed on water in an aeroplane before. From this holiday I have learned about different types of fish, the culture of the Maldives, how to kayak and play tennis, and also learned that I don’t like long distance flights. 


Finally, this was a holiday of a lifetime that we were so lucky to have, and I would recommend going there to everyone I know.   


Excellent work Olivia W!


My trip to Lanzarote​

It was the 29th August 2019. Time to go to Lanzarote. At about 9:15 AM I left for Bristol Airport. At about 10:45 I arrived at the parking place called Park Farm. After parking the car. We payed £44 parking for 1 week (7 Days). Then, The Minibus arrived and took us to the airport. Once we arrived at Bristol airport, we went straight to the Thomas Cook Check-in desk with our boarding passes and passports. We went upstairs and through security. Straight into duty free. Then we went through to the other shops. Next, We went to a bar and had some drinks. We waited until 45 minutes before our flight was scheduled to depart. Finally, I saw the gate number on the screen, It was Gate 11. We headed straight to the gate and onto the plane. Then we took off about 10/15 minutes early. Eventually, 4 hours later, we touched down in Lanzarote. We got off the plane, through passport control and then to the Hoppa desk (Where we met our driver for our Airport Transfer.​

We arrived at Nazaret Apartments, Costa Teguise. After that, We checked in at reception. We went to our room on the 3rd floor (Top floor). A little later, We went to the main square and looked for somewhere to get food from. We came across a Mexican restaurant called Tex-Mex, we went in had our food and then went for about another 10,000 drinks in loads of different bars. Finally, at about 11/12PM we went back to our apartment to call it a night. We then had a few days of treasure hunts on the coastal path, going in the pools, going to the beaches, etc. A few days later we went to the zoo and water park called Rancho Texas. At 11AM the bus came to pick us up and drop us off, when we arrived, we showed our tickets and went in. We saw the crocodiles, the dolphin show, the seal & sea lion show. Then we had lunch and went on the water slides and also went in the pool. Later, At 4PM the bus arrived again and dropped us back off. We went back to our accomadation, spent a few hours in the pool and then ordered a takeaway pizza from the restaraunt just up the road. Then we called it a night.

It was morning our last day on holiday. We went to the pool for a few hours in the morning. Then we went to the shower room to all take a shower and then our private transfer bus was outside waiting. So we jumped on, about 15 minutes later we arrived at the airport. We showed the e-boarding pass and then the person at the check-in desk printed off our boarding passes. Next, we went through security. But, the security person took the bottle opener off us, even though it was in the suitcase. So we went to a few shops, and went to the gate and got on the plane. Eventually, 4 hours later we finally arrived back at Bristol Airport. We got off the plane, went through passport control, and then rang the car park after we were through customs. Then, the minibus arrived. We got to the car park and drove home. At about 2:10AM we arrived home and went straight to bed.


Da iawn Taylor!

Mimi's Recount Introduction

Maggie's Recount

Olivia C's Spelling Practise

Julia's Topic Research: Why do plants grow certain features?  

Plants grow certain features because they try to protect themselves and some features are thorns, prickle, spine, Trichome,  Idioblast, mutualism, crypsis, chemical signaling and poison. 


Chemical signaling-plants that are attacked by browsers or insects pests or subjected to stressful conditions such as drought or microbial infection may warn other plants of the impending crises by releasing volatile organic compounds or in that case VOCs 


Thorns-thorns are basically pointy branches or stems.  their defensive function is somewhat self-evident: they’re stabby. And contrary to what poison and not a single rose has it 


Prickle-unlike thorns, prickle’s are actually pointed protuberances from a plant’s epidermis. While they shield the plant’s that bear them from some depredations, certain species of planthopper, small enough to squeeze between them and slurp and sap, actually mimic their spiky appearance to avoid predators. 


Trichome-nettles and other plant’s grow a bristling fur of these pointed structures to shield  them self’s from browsing .some plant’s have associated glands that inject poison into the trichome- inflicted wounds .some tropical nettles can cause permanent nerve damage or death.  


Idioblast-If thorn’s ,prickle’s ,spine’s and trichome’s are the spear brigade ,Idioblast are landmines .Specialized cell’s that contain a variety of defensive compound’s ,from razor –sharp crystals into the mouth’s of predator’s and then release an enzyme analogous to reptilian venom .this can cause paralysis hence common name “dumb cane.” 


Dodder-Dodder is a fairy well known as a group of parasitic that form  iconic masses of yellow ,leafless vine’s over their host’s .Dodder plants are aggressive and use root –like organ’s called haustoria to penetrate the stem’s of their host’s and siphon off their water and nutrient’s ,often to the point of host –death.  

Julia's Plant Poems

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