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Volcano island 

By Fraser Coombes 


My name is jack I am 10 years old. I live on volcano island in America with my grandparents and my dog called Jeff. Last week the volcano erupted. Before the eruption happened, I could sense a funny feeling. It was a hot day and the air was sticky. I was busy helping grandad to fix the tractor when we felt a funny vibration in the ground. We both looked at each other to see if we had both felt it. This was the day I was dreading we had learnt about this in school. We ran back to the house.  


We had been expecting this for a while and had warnings and information about what we had to do in the time. We had to shut all of our windows, turn off all fans and heating, bring in our pets and listen for emergency information. I was scared and worried.  


We heard loud bangs, I was hiding under the table cuddling Jeff. We could then hear rumbling sounds and explosions.  Grandad and grandma were looking out of the window to see what was going on. They said there was a lot of ash landing outside but I was too scared to go and look. 


Jeff was barking as the ground kept shaking. There was now roaring noises and constant explosions. I thought we were all going to die. Grandad kept saying his crops were being destroyed he had grown these for years. Grandma was worried about her neighbours. 


We heard an alarm sound it was a bus outside. It was to take us to the next village on the other side of the island. We had to get out and get onto the bus. I was terrified that I was going to die. The air was Smokey and the ash dust was making it very hard to see. It was hot and I ran so fast onto the bus. Grandad and grandma held me tight and I held Jeff. 


I fell fast asleep on the journey. When I woke up we were in a hotel. It was like a different place here where there were no signs of heat dust and the ground was now still. We were told that the volcano eruption had stopped and was now calm again. We had to wait here for a few days until we could go home to our house. 


I am now home and we are all safe. Jeff is a bit shakey and now barks if he hears a loud noise. Grandad and grandma are busy helping the town clean up after the disaster. Grandads crops were ruined and burnt. I am glad we are all safe and we will all be busy planting new seeds in the spring. 

The end. 



Once there was a family, a girl called Rose and her parents. They lived in a large city near the sea where she enjoyed visiting with her parents. Rose loved living so close to the sea as she was able to go there quite often to play in the waves and sand.  


One day the family decided to go for a day out to the beach near them not knowing what was going to happen. Once they had arrived at the beach Rose remembered that she left her swimsuit behind in the house so she and her mum went back to get it, leaving her dad at the beach.  


As soon as she arrived at the house she could hear sirens and people screaming. She had no clue what was going on. All of a sudden, the TV switched on and told them that there was a tsunami on the way and that they needed to evacuate and get to high land quickly. She then remembered that her dad was at the beach and that he was going to be in big trouble if he didn’t get away in time.  


Rose could hear all the noise that was coming from all the people down at the beach making her even more worried. She kept close to her mum making sure that she didn’t lose her and went to high land. As she stood on the top of a mountain she could see the enormous waves crashing into the city destroying everything in its way. She still had no idea where her dad was or what had happened to him. To her surprise she could hear the waves smashing into the buildings throughout the city and even saw her house crumble as the waves hit it.  


Later that day the waves started to calm down and there were announcements made about how the tsunami had affected everyone. Sadly, they also said that most if not all the people that were on the beach when the tsunami came crashing down had died. She was devastated and in tears at the thought of her dad not making it.  

My Hurricane Story - by Robyn


Once there were two girls called Robyn and Caitlin and they where playing in the garden. All of a sudden it started to get a bit windy and I could feel the coldness touching my skin. The wind started to get stronger and then the trampoline came crashing down, making a loud bang.

The fences were torn down and blown away the tiles from the roof came off and sounded like noisy knives and forks. I felt as if I was going to die, I was scared.


Caitlin pulled me in to the house and I was happy to be inside because I felt safe in the house. The trees where swaying and the rain was as loud as an elephant coming down the stairs.

Once everything calmed down I had a nice hot bath and went to bed.


by Tomos  



One nice day on the 22nd March 1967, the king Len and his son Ben went to visit Indonesia. Ben and Len went to build schools in the village of Yogyakarta for children who don’t get to go to school. Tomorrow on the 23rd Len will have been crowned king for 40 years. 


For a celebration Len and Ben wanted a school for poor people. On the 25th it will be Bens 11th birthday. All of the children were singing, they were so joyful because they could have a new school. Len went to the city of Jakarta to find builders to help build the school.  


1 day later.... 

20 builders turned up to help Len and Ben build the school. The school is being built by the beautiful mountains of Yogyakarta. Through the mountains, in the distance lays Mount Merapi. Mount Merapi is a volcano but Len and Ben were not scared because it last erupted in 1854. Each night Len and Ben slept in Zahra and Nur’s house in the nearby village. Zahra made rice in the morning for their Breakfast each morning. All the villagers gathered up each night at 7pm until 7:30pm to sing with each other.  


Len and Ben heard there was an earthquake on the island of Krakatoa which caused the Krakatoa volcano to erupt. Len was a bit worried about Mount Merapi erupting so he said to the builders can 2 of you go and Watch Mount Merapi just 1 meter outside the school. The 18 builders, Len and Ben were busy building the walls of the school on the 23rd March, on a hot humid day in Yogyakarta. Suddenly, the ground shook, everyone shouted to each other to get out as they thought the volcano was erupting. The volcano did erupt. The ash cloud fired up and the lava spewed down the side of the volcano, but some of the lava flew up into the air and landed on the school. 


The school got burnt down all of the hard work was gone. Everybody survived which was lucky. Nur nearly died but he got away just in time if it took him 5 more seconds he would have been in lava. They decided to move the school 2 miles away from Mount Merapi they also made new and better houses for all the villagers. Then Everyone lived a happy life Forever. 

The Natural Disaster Holiday - by Joel


One day in summer there were four people called Joel, Lucas, Emily and Carl. They were walking in Italy where they had gone on holiday. Sometime later they heard a strange rumbling sound when they were climbing Mount Etna In Sicily. 

They looked up at Mount Etna and saw the volcano had a cloud of dark grey ash coming out of the top. There was lava like boiling hot fire coming out of the volcano down towards them.  They felt nervous and scared and they knew that they had to escape before it exploded, they ran as fast as they could and dodged the lava.    

They decided to travel to a different country because of the volcanic eruption. They choose the country Hawaii, so that they could relax on the beach. They were sunbathing then they looked up and saw a giant wave in the distance, they could hear the alarms which were loud and blasting. They hid somewhere where the Tsunami wouldn’t reach them.  

“This is a good place” said Joel “isn’t it?” They were behind a very big rock.  

Carl said, “It’s a way to survive and it’s a very tall rock and we are not going to get hurt one bit.” 

“Are you sure Joel?” asked Lucas. 

“Yes of course not we are not going to get hurt one bit.” said Joel. 

They wanted to leave Hawaii because of the tsunami. They caught a plane from Hawaii to Scotland because they thought they would be safe there. Then something awful happened, a landslide started, they could hear rocks falling.  

“Move to the left everybody!” said Joel. 

“Where to the left?” said Carl “Just tell me Joel”. 

“The other way of the landslide Carl” said Emily  

“Move downwards Carl and Emily and run now both of you!” Shouted Lucas. 

They all ran away from the landslide and escaped to safety. 

They still wanted to have a nice holiday, so they went to Oklahoma. They were outside playing football when Joel said, “look there is a tornado coming, we must escape right now!” They looked up and could see some grey wind and some dark wind blowing everything.  

“It’s a tornado, let's get inside. ” said Emily. They all ran inside to stay safe and escape the tornado. 

The next day they felt happy to have survived another natural disaster, but they wanted to go home and be safe. They got a plane from Oklahoma to Wales, when they got home, they were excited to be back and sat down with a biscuit and a drink. 



Vicious Volcano  

by Steffan


I used to live by a volcano in Italy with my family. One day my mum took me out for the day, it took hours to get there. When we arrived, we looked at the news and it said Volcano In Italy. Then we heard the sirens and you could see Lava spewing down from the Volcano and into the city. My Mum told me to get to the car. So, we got to the car and drove off. We saw the news later that evening.  

We saw the capital in ruin and flame there was so many firemen helping to put out the flames. The capital was destroyed by the eruption of the Volcano. It was a very scary experience. We heard that the volcano is now extinct, and it will not blow up and destroy or hurt anyone again, but it was still very worrying that another Volcano will erupt where I live. It is scary because there is a volcano next to me. I’m hoping that it will not erupt. I hear scientists are experimenting it to see if it is Active, Dormant or Extinct. I hope that it will be Extinct. I woke up the very next day and I heard more sirens. I thought it was a dream, but my Mum woke me up and told me to get changed and follow her. 

I was really scared now because the Lava was coming to the city fast. The Lava was burning all my friends houses and it was coming to my house! We ran to the nearest high ground. We saw all the city up in flames. It was sad, terrifying because the Lava was coming up and it was burning everything I knew. When we went down the next day the Firemen helped to put out the flames. So me and my Mum moved to a place called Wales. My Mum told me that there were no volcanoes there and you would be safe. I moved to a place called Llangyfelach. I made friends and told them about the eruption. I was never scared again. 


The End   

Indonesian incident by Lexie


Along time ago on the 26th Dec 2004 a terrible earthquake happened in the ocean and made a terrible tsunami and life-threatening event that happened in Indonesia. The tsunami also destroyed parts of Thailand, India, and Sri Lanka. The tsunami affected a lot of people and families. Lots of people suffered lots of injuries and illness’ because this had happened. 

Here is my story below: 


A family were staying at a beach village in the Galle area of Sri Lanka a mum and her two sons Linda, James and Mark. James the older son advised it took a short period of time for the first wave of water to hit their hotel. It flattened walls, trees and buildings around the family. The water was so much that people were swimming in the water and also drowning in it.  


Linda managed to take her two sons to safety at a nearby temple. They had to walk through mess and devastation which included broken houses, wood, damaged cars, dead animals and dead bodies to get to the temple. Linda and her two sons James and Mark on the way to the temple could smell burning buildings, soaked wood and dirty rotten water that had been dragged up from the sewers and worse of all the smell of dead bodies. They felt very guilty for being saved when others had died but were also very grateful that they still had their lives. 

Lexie reading her story:

Still image for this video

A volcanic eruption that came out of nowhere

by Logan P  


It seemed like a normal day. A group of eight people were on a holiday and went on a hiking trip to visit a volcano. it didn’t sound great, it sounded like it was rumbling and smelt of burning. The volcano had always been active and as the people got closer they saw that the rocks were falling. The group of eight people were scared so ran away to the city and tried to tell everyone the volcano isn’t stable and it might erupt. 

 Everyone was rushing around and panicking and trying to protect themselves. Then the pressure underneath the volcano got too high and it erupted, sending a massive ash cloud into the air. It covered the whole city in boiling hot dust and made people very ill. 

It caused a lot of damage and took months to clean and repair the city. As shops couldn’t open, hundreds of people died from hunger. 

Everyone donated to a charity to help with the damage and raised £1 million which was amazing for everyone. The city done well to recover from the unexpected disaster and it was forever remembered. 

Fraser's Poem

Robyn has been busy completing some fractions work - da iawn Robyn!

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