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Tomos has been busy doing science experiments this week:

Tomos' experiment:

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Composing Music:


This week we composed a piece of music to play over a scene in a documentary about a natural disaster.


Great work everyone!

Tomos' Documentary Scene:

Brody's Documentary Scene:

Joel's Documentary Scene:

Disaster Poems

Abi's Poem:

Terrifying Tsunamis 
Tsunamis are tremendously high,

High, high into the sky.

They travel miles and miles,

Leaving buildings smashed in piles.


Often, they come as a surprise,

Wrecking thousands of peoples lives.

Leaving them homeless and short of supplies,

Making countries act as allies. 
Tsunamis are tremendously high,

High, high into the sky.

Causing everything in its way to fly,

And leaving people to suffer and cry. 


By Bethan

Brody's Poem:

Brody reciting his poem:

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Kenzo's Poem:

Lucy reciting her poem:

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By Oliver Elliot 

Year 4 


It started as a normal boxing day morning, 

When the tsunami decided to hit with no warning. 


The waves started at one hundred miles per hour, 

People were scared and it came with great power. 


It is said to be one of the worlds worst disasters, 

And showed that mother nature has no master. 


There were hundreds and thousands of desperate people affected, 

But they were helped by money, food  and medicine the world collected. 


Robyn's Haiku:

Volcanoes are red ,

Tsunamis are blue ,

Natural disaster come out in the night ,

Some times to ,

Hurricanes are scary ,

Tornadoes are to.


By Sophia 


Natural disasters can happen any time 
Here's a little poem that I made rhyme, 
Gushing water causes disaster  
Floods make rivers flow much faster, 
A tsunami wave is really rough 
For people to get away from it, it’s very tough, 
The tectonic plates move and shake 
Which causes a massive earthquake, 
Magma builds up a volcanic eruption 
Hot molten lava causes destruction, 
Some people die which is really bad 
Their poor families feel very sad, 
Hope you enjoyed my rhyming lines 
Of mother natures’ interesting times. 
 Tomos Austin 

Tomos reciting his poem:

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