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Jake's Pasta Poster:

Ronnie's Earthquake Safety Poster:

Volcano Poem - by Mollie

Vaporous smoke pours from the vast volcano 

Overflowing orange and red lava 

Liquid magma erupts from the crust 

Crashing molten lava flows from the crater 

Ash clouds fill the night sky 

Noise like thunder 

Outstanding power the volcano roars on 



For this topic I have learnt about volcanoes, droughts, floods, tsunamis and earthquakes. 



What I have learnt about volcanoes is that they erupt and spread lava and ash, when the lava is in the volcano it is called magma and when it is out it is called lava.  The eruption is caused by the tectonic plates rubbing. 



When there is no rain the ground begins to separate, and buildings and schools could get destroyed.  Droughts mostly happen in certain countries like Australia, Pakistan, China and Iran. 



Floods happen when riverbanks have too much water due to heavy rain fall. 



Tsunami's could be caused by undersea earthquake and volcanic eruptions.  I have learnt about the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami that happened on Boxing day and the damage it caused. 



Earthquakes happen when a tectonic plate splits in half and it causes the ground above it to do the same.  Earthquakes can cause a lot of damage and death.  If there is an earthquake you should hide under a table or if you are in bed cover your head with a pillow and stay there, stay away from bookshelves or anything that can fall on you. 


I learnt about this topic by learning about different disasters and how they are caused. 

I have completed lots of tasks like writing stories, writing a poem, designing a poster, painted a picture of a tsunami.  I have also worked on power points and word on the laptops.  I completed this topic both at school and at home.  I enjoyed learning about earthquakes the most as I understand more about earthquakes than the other disasters but overall, I have enjoyed this topic and all the work I have done. 



Mollie's Disaster Zone Topic Evaluation


We learnt about volcanoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, bombs, earthquakes, floods and storms. We learnt about these many problems because these are many recurring disasters around the world. We completed a question matrix to help us learn more about the topic and answer our questions. We then created a poster about the topic with lots of facts. We have now stuck in our books so if we need any information, we can go back to that page in our books. We done lots of comprehensions about the topic to help us grow our understanding. At reading time, we independently read topic to help us learn even more about the topic and if we found a fact interesting, we would write it down in our notebooks. We learnt about this topic in school and at home. We wrote our facts in our notebooks and the main work was completed in literacy books and my cornerstone books. The people that helped me learn during this topic were teachers and lots of my friends. At home in lockdown my family helped me as well. 

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Play, Learn and Grow Together

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