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Hi everyone!


Thank you for all your hard work during our 'Disaster Zone' topic.  I've really enjoyed reading your evaluations and finding out what you enjoyed and learned.


I'm looking forward to seeing all your great work on our next topic which we'll be beginning next week!


Take care,


Mr Parker

Brody's Evaluation:

Tomos has been creating some more posters in his spare time:

Alfie's Earthquake Safety Poster:

Martha's Earthquake Safety Poster:

Ronnie's Earthquake Safety Poster:

Ava's Earthquake Safety Poster

Logan having fun outdoors:

Ned’s dream come true  - by Oliver


One day a boy named Ned wanted to see all the natural disasters, Ned was 16 years old and grew up very poor. He wanted to help the people of the world. He lived on a little island big enough for 101 houses. The island was called Owawa Island (this was named by my little brother Jaxson who is 10 months old). On his little island, there were a lot of disasters that affected the people he knew and loved.  

         Ten years later Ned got a job, a job as a traveler and explorer which would help Ned to provide for his family and his island. As a traveler he would be able to see the natural disasters around the world and record his findings, this made Ned very happy. He would be able to try and help those in need. 

     Ned had a phone call from his boss Mr. Pickles, Ned gulped with nervousness. Ned picked up the phone and said “Hello” Mr. Pickles said “are you free to go to go on an adventure to research all the natural disasters”. Ned replied “yes” with excitement, “Fantastic” I will meet you at the airport at 5.30 pm” said Mr Pickles. Ned and Mr Pickles met at the airport gate at 5.30pm where they boarded the plane.  

     On the plane Ned and Mr pickles planned where they were going to see all the natural disasters in Indonesia, Australia and Japan.  


In Indonesia Ned and Mr pickles witnessed a tsunami happen, they saw huge waves and lots of destruction. The tsunami was very powerful.  

Next, they went to Australia and saw loads of bush fires. The bush fires were spread by wild winds. The fire spread so quickly they had to escape by helicopter. 

Then they went to Japan and saw some earthquakes. The earthquakes were so strong that the buildings shook. 

With all that Ned and Mr Pickles had learned they became the leading scientists in the world of natural disasters. They helped develop computers that could give an early warning to the people who lived in these areas. 

To date they have saved thousands of people, without them, there would be many people in trouble. 

Ned’s dream came true. 


                            THE END 


Natural Disaster Poem  - by Steffan


Numerous times a year 

All around the world 

Thousands of people are affected 

Unpredictable things happen 

Relying on resources and help to recover  

All around the world pull together 

Lives are changed forever. 


Deadly, damaging disasters 

In snow, rain and sun 

Some countries are affected more than others 

Aid can be provided when disaster strikes 

So many disasters can occur 

Tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, droughts, earthquakes and many more 

   Every disaster affects people differently 

Resources and structures are improving 

Saving peoples lives from natural disasters. 

Disaster Poem - by Martha


Terrible winds sweeping around 

Over the countryside 

Raining all around 

No were to relax 

All city’s are empty 

Don’t leave the house 

Over toppled buildings 

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Play, Learn and Grow Together

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