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Sophie's Matrix Questions


  • What effect do roller coasters (or any other rides in that matter) have on the human body?

  • How might the gravity react when rollercoaster twist turns and go in the air?

  • What are the worst effects that can happen to a person after going on a roller coaster?

  • What would happen if an elderly person (70 and above) went on a roller coaster? What effects would they suffer afterwards?

  • What is the science behind creating a roller coaster?


Fantastic questions, Sophie. They should give us some interesting tasks. Well done!

Mia's Matrix Questions

  • How might the gravity be different on a roller coaster?
  • How many years does it take to build a roller coaster?


Great questions, Mia. The first question is very interesting.

Alfie's Matrix Questions

  • Is it possible for a roller coaster to break the sound barrier?
  • How fast does a roller coaster need to go before G-Forces kick in and if possible, what do you need to do to stop this from happening?
  • Is it safer or at least better for roller coasters to be powered by engines instead of converting potential energy into kinetic energy?
  • What is the possible maximum amount of inversions on a roller coaster that is safe?
  • How might roller coasters affect your body and brain?
  • What different kinds of roller coaster are there?
  • What's different and what's safer between wooden and steel roller coasters?


Da iawn, Alfie. You have come up with some very interesting questions.

Toby's Matrix Questions & Key Word Definitions

  • How might rollercoasters look in the future?
  • How many times does a rollercoaster get checked and how often?
  • What is the mechanism inside a rollercoaster?


Gwaith da, Toby. Your questions are sensible and will help us understand rollercoasters.

Home Page

Play, Learn and Grow Together

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