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Hurricane in the Indian Ocean 



Dave and John were exited. Their dad was ill, and he could not do his work. So, they were going to do it for him. Now, you might be thinking “These kids are weird. Why do they want to do their fathers work?” Well, it was because their father worked in the ocean. His job was to find objects from shipwrecked ships and bring them back to his house, in Australia. They would stay there until; either someone from a museum came and wanted to buy it, or, scientists wanted to learn about them. 


Now, Andrew Ramez was 49 and too old to go scavenging, and deep-sea diving in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, so he was giving that responsibility to his two sons: 19-year-old John and 14-year-old Dave Ramez. This was not their first time going out to sea; they had deep sea dived in the Indian Ocean, swam with the sharks in the Atlantic Ocean and had gone whaling in the Arctic ocean. But they had never been in the Pacific Ocean.  


And then, out of the blue, their father had asked if they would like to take over the job of scavenging the deep-sea wrecks. They had agreed at once and could hardly contain their excitement. And now, finally, it was the day that there started off. 


“I can’t believe that today is the day!” shouted Dave. “I haven’t slept for weeks, thinking about this.” 

“Neither have I.” admitted John. “But let’s go and see the captain.” 

“I hope he’s a friendly one.” said Dave. “Remember that captain in the Atlantic? I still don’t think that my ears are okay yet.”  

“He is.” assured John. “He’s Dads old friend, Samuel Jones. He’s fine.” 

Dave, now happily assured that the captain was a good one, followed John happily to the docks, where the captain was waiting. 

“Alrighty,” said Samuel, happily. “You ready to come aboard? We are only going to have a small crew this time, since I’ve only two crew, apart from you. 

They followed him aboard, with Dave, even happier, than before. 

Sam is real fun, thought Dave. If the rest of the crew are as fun, this trip is going to be a real blast.  

When they were on deck, Sam called for the crew. 

“Ahh, here they are!” said Sam, with a big grin on his face. “Agwe and Bembè.  

“Hello said Bembè, politely. 

Agwe said nothing. He just grunted and carried rigging the sails. 

“Don’t mind him.” said Sam. “He is always like that. If you ask me, I think he is a bit shy.” 


John thought that it was a bit strange that such a big man would be shy. But he didn’t say anything as why should he start being suspicious of a man just because he didn’t say anything and just grunted. Plenty of people were like that, and just because Agwe was didn’t mean anything suspicious. Or did it? 

“Anyway,” said Sam. “if I were you, I would go and get some sleep. It’s going to be a long day.” 

Despite this, the boys were as close to going to sleep, as they were of going back home. Instead they started helping Bembè with the map. They were going to make a map of where they found the sunken boat and give it to their father. Then he would send in some more people to get the stuff that John and Dave couldn’t get because it was so heavy.  



The next day they were out at sea. When Dave awoke in his cabin, he had no idea where he was. Then, suddenly realizing he was on a boat on his way to the Pacific Ocean, he scrambled out of bed. Unfortunately, he and John were sleeping on bunkbeds, so he fell and, in doing so, woke up John. They went up to the deck to eat their breakfast. Then they went to plot their bearings on their chart and start a bit of the map. This was the same every day until, one day, they awoke to hear the call of Samuel Jones, saying “Hurricane! All hands-on deck!”  

They scrambled out of bed and went up to the top deck as fast as they could. 

“Where?” said Dave looking around. 

“There” Shouted Sam. 

When Dave looked there, he was so shocked he couldn’t move. John noticed this. 

“Are you alright?” he asked. 

Dave didn’t respond. He was still staring at the hurricane coming towards them. The sound of Bembè shouting, “Come down to the lower deck!” awoke him from his shock. 

Suddenly the boat started groaning. “What's happening!” he yelled, though he doubted that John could hear him. He could barely hear himself over the sound of the wind and the waves.  

Just then they heard a howl. 

“Man overboard!” shouted Sam. 

 They looked down and found that Agwe in the sea! John gripped Agwe’s hand and pulled. Agwe only just made, as, at that moment, a massive wave had crashed onto the boat. If Agwe had been in the sea for a moment longer he would have been swept away. 

Then John heard Dave cry out. 

He looked round and saw that Dave was pinned to the ground by a piece of deck that had come loose. John got a firm grip on it and pulled. My gosh, this is heavy, he thought. But he still managed to get the board free. 

Then, just as suddenly as it had come, the hurricane passed. 

Dave smiled weakly and said, “Well that was a disaster.” 

Sophia's Story:

 The volcanoes awakens again 

by Sophia

Once there where three people called Lina, carol and roman they lived in Italy , Silcy on a small island there was a volcano . It was called the Stromboli volcano one day they were eating food and the floor started rumbiling  

                                                                         Chapter 2 : 


“ ahh what’s happening! “ exclaimed Roman and Carol .  their mams exclaimed “run” they ran as fast as they could , when they stopped running Lina said “ what’s going on ?” the mam said “ look behind you “  

As the mam said it the kids looked behind their self and saw a massive mountain drooling with lava and ash clouds “ woah what is it “ said carol out of breath . Romans mam said “ it’s a volcano “ 

                                                                       Chapter 3 : 

                                                                       A new start 

A couple weeks later . The three kids have been sleeping in a hotel “ guys we are moving back! “ exclamied roman . “ yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay !!! “ exclamied the girls. they were on a plane heading to Ireland . As soon as they got there they chose bedrooms. 

                                                                      Chapter 4 :  

                                                                      Settling in  

As soon as they chose their rooms they went to explore they had ice cream and smoothies.

                                                The end 

Logan W's Disaster Poem

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