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Homework set on 28.2.20


This week we have been learning about 3D shapes - We have learnt their names, looked at their properties and carried out investigations. 


Your homework is to see what 3D shapes you can find around your home and outdoors.




Homework set on 24.1.2020


This week have been looking at doubling, place value and odd and even numbers. 

Here are some useful websites that you can access to support your child's learning in these areas.




Homework set on 10.1.2020


This week have been busy adding and subtracting multiples of 10. starting from 0 and from any given number. We observed how the Tens digit changed while the Units digit remained the same. 

Have a go at counting on and back in 10's from different numbers. 


Some useful websites -






Set on 22.11.19


This week we have been learning about turns and giving directions. 

We have looked at left, right, forward, quarter turns, half turns and full turns. 


Try giving someone directions yourself. Choose a place that you want them to get to, and give them directions to follow to get there. 



Set on 8.11.19


This week we have been learning about fractions. Halves and quarters. 

At home why not make or use something to show your own fractions. e.g paper plates, playdough, bake a cake etc.


Great teaching fractions in first grade tricks on this post including using dough to teach partitioning shapes into equal parts... it makes a great small group fractions activity that helps students see and understand fractionsImage result for practical fractions ideas ks1

Useful websites -

Set on 11th October.


This week we have been learning about time. We have looked at o'clock, half past and quarter past times on analogue and digital clocks. 


This week for homework I would like you to practise telling the time at home.

You could even make your own clocks. 


Here are some websites that will support you further -


Set on 27.9.19


This week we have been working with money. We have been looking at the value of coins, making amounts and finding totals. 


I would like you to set up your own shop. if possible try and use real money to pay for items and make totals. Take pictures of you in your shop if you can.


If you cannot do this then have a go on the following games -


Set - 20.9.19


There is no math homework this week, but instead I would like you to ask your Grandma or Grandpa what they remember about school. Get them to write about it and bring it into school next week to share with your class. smiley

Home Page

Play, Learn and Grow Together

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  • Year 1 89.2
  • Year 2 94
  • Year 3 93.1
  • Year 4 86.3
  • Year 5 92.3
  • Year 6 92.8
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