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Homework 02.10.20

Maths Homework:

We have been practicing one more and one less in class. Can you give your child a number and ask them to write it in their homework books. Now ask them to write one more and one less. Eg. Write 6- now can you write one more and one less- 5 6 7.


Literacy homework:

Homework has been set on reading eggs. Reading egg logins are attached to the front of your homework books. Logon and complete the homework tasks set. You will have a spelling lesson and a reading book. 


Continue to use the sound packs that you received last week. These are not to be stuck in the homework books but to play the following games. If you need another pack, just let me know.

1. Pairs games- match the sounds with the pictures and the words.

2. Make 2 and 3 letter words with the individual letters like sat, pan, pin etc- sound these words out and blend them together.

3. Independent writing- use the words to practice handwriting. Make sentences with these words. 


This weeks rhyme is: Un a Dau a Thri Banana!


Reading Eggs

This week we have enjoyed exploring our new Phonics and Reading system using Reading Eggs! For all the information you will need about our online learning using Reading Eggs, please follow this link.


To access all phonics and reading homework please click here. If you have any problems logging on please let me know.

Each week you can access:

  • a spelling lesson- click on reading eggs
  • a reading book(s) from the online library- click on library


Reading Eggs Library

The Reading Eggs library is great! After logging in, click on the Library section. Once you are in the Library, at the top of the screen you can type in your reading age or choose a story to listen to. You can choose books that interest you or search a topic. The more books you read, the more eggs you will win!


Home Page

Play, Learn and Grow Together

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