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Castles and Dragons

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Question Matrix Questions

Using the LPS Question Matrix, Year 3 devised their own questions and areas to research during this topic. Following a class discussion they worked individually to decide on what they would like to explore further during the topic.


Here are a selection of the questions:


Addison - Why were castles built?

Jacob H - Where in the UK are the most castles?

Alfie - Who built the first castle?

Maya - What might dragons eat?

Ella R - Where do dragons live?

Harri S - Why are castles made out of stone?

Oliver B - Where do dragons lay their eggs?

Carter - What different kinds of dragons are there?

Mason M - Why are there moats around castles?



The children also suggested some activities to complete during the topic. 


Here are a selection of the suggestions:



Iestyn - Castles and Dragons word problems

Mason M - Codebreakers 


Expressive Arts

Callie-Anne - Dragon pictures

Alfie - 3D dragons

Carter - Compose dragon songs

Mason M - Make dragon puppets, create a puppet show



Alfie - Create a poster about how to keep a dragon healthy

Amelia - Create a fire safety poster

Examples of This Topic's Work

We had so much fun in the Urdd Jambori! We sang Welsh songs, danced, flossed, and laughed all morning! Dw i'n hoffi Cymraeg!

Flossing at the Jambori!

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Callie-Anne and Mason were chosen to dance around the audience!

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Play, Learn and Grow Together

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