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Week 15/6/2020



This week we took a long walk to the beach! We found lots of animals on our way! We looked through the rock pools and saw seven star fish! They were very cute. We put them back in their rock pools after spotting them.

And... we've been busy painting our ladybirds!


Well done to you all on your last task! This week I have not set a task on MyMaths. I have set an activity using BBC Bitesize on symmetry as our topic this week is based on Caterpillars and Butterflies!


Watch the clip then have a go at creating your own symmetrical butterflies. There are some worksheets below to help you. You could also paint a symmetrical butterfly too!


Let's have some fun with it this week! :) 


This week your task has been set on Giglets. Use Oxford Owl, for your second text. Select a book from there at your correct level. If you have not tried it, go online, join for free and you can select all the reading books that we have in school and more! 



Sight words are tricky as lots of them can not be sounded out or have no pattern! You just need to learn them or remember funny rhymes to help you spell them. Each week we will take five at a time in order to learn them carefully. Spellings can be found in the usual place. 



This week we are going to focus on another popular Minibeast! Lots of you wanted to find out more about Caterpillars! I've added lots of resources for you to find out more about them. 


Our topic focus this week is Story Writing. Let's get creative with it and have fun. 


1. Watch the story called 'The Caterpillars Shoes'. We are going to use this story as a base for your very own story!

2. Next I would like you to create two or three of your own minibeast characters that Caterpillar is going to meet on his journey. Think about what they are going to look like and their features. Use all the facts you have learned so far about minibeasts to help you with this. Can you think of adjectives that will describe them e.g. a smooth, round ladybird and a hairy spider.

3. Next comes your storyboard - our story plan. Draw out 4/5 boxes on a piece of paper with each box representing each part of the story.  In each box draw a picture to show what is happening in the story. There should be a clear beginning, middle and end. 

Remember - the only part of the story that needs to change is the characters that the Caterpillar is going to meet. 

4. Once you have created yours storyboard, use each box as a basis for a paragraph in your story. Write your very own story called 'The Caterpillars Shoes' . Remember I am looking for describing words - use some of the words in the original story to help you if you need it.


I'll look forward to reading your stories!


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Play, Learn and Grow Together

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