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Week 11/5/2020

This week we have been making Rockets! We had great fun making them and launching them in our garden but they went so high they disappeared into next door's garden! So... we thought we had better make another rocket but this time we walked to a field to launch them. I don't know who had more fun... my boys or Mr Bate!

Blast off!

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End of topic Quiz by Mrs Johns! Get your thinking caps on!

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This week we are going to think about our new topic Wriggle and Crawl!


Well done to you all on your last task! This week I would like you to explore the maths activities on HWB. There are lots of great activities which will support you over the next few weeks. You can change the level of difficulty by selecting letters of the alphabet located at the bottom left hand side of the screen.  To access them click here.



This week your task has been set on Giglets. Use Oxford Owl, for your second text. Select a book from there at your correct level. If you have not tried it, go online, join for free and you can select all the reading books that we have in school and more! There are also many books that you can access over the next two weeks.



Spellings can be found in the usual place - they are topic words this week. Don't forget PhonicsPlay which has great activities to support word building too. There is free! Log in details are on the web page.



When we start a new topic we always watch a clip or read a story to get us thinking about it. So for this week's main activity, I would like you to watch the clip below with your family.


After you have watched the clip:

1/ Talk with you family about the clip. 

2/ Firstly, tell your family everything you already know about minibeasts.

3/ Then show your family the Question Matrix (the PDF is below). Remind them that to create great questions, you need to choose one word from the vertical axis and then one word from the horizontal axis e.g. How might a caterpillar change into a butterfly?

4/ Finally, practise forming questions using the words as sentence starters. When you are happy with your questions, select  3 or 4 of your best questions and email them to me at You can write them out and decorate them with pictures, stickers or paintings.


 I will use these questions to plan lovely activities for us all when we rejoin after our two week break on June 1st .


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Play, Learn and Grow Together

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